BusinessWeek ranks Cincinnati 19th for divorce out of the top fifty of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. What's more surprising? The reality that some research display Christians getting the highest divorce price? Or, that the real factors for divorce are not being discussed?You might be concerned simply because you are having some disagreem… Read More

I grew up in a Christian home. I went to church each Sunday with my family members. I was even homeschooled for the first couple of many years of my lifestyle. Of program, I by no means even became a Christian until the extremely starting of my freshman year of high school on September ten, 2001.I once experienced a friend that worked with me come … Read More

Thousands of churches and individuals are reaching out to the unchurched by finding common ground with them. Though we think about this "Bridge Ministry" to be pretty new, Paul practiced and encouraged other people to use this method in his time. "To the weak I grew to become weak, to win the weak. I have become all issues to all males so that by a… Read More